Bible Studies

Spring/Summer Course

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Spring/Summer Bible Studies sessions.

The final session took place on Tuesday 26 July 2022.

Please check back for further updates on the next dates for our Bible Studies sessions, or alternatively contact our team using the button below.

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Throughout the year we hold online Bible Study classes, discussing the Gospel reading set for the week and applying the text to daily life.

This informal group setting is a great way to meet like-minded individuals and usually takes place from 19:30 on Thursday evenings via Zoom, free for all to attend, all questions welcome.

Is Bible Studies right for me?

If you have never attended a Bible Studies session before you may be wondering whether it is the right fit for you. Below we have highlighted just some of the benefits and reasons why people choose to get involved:

  • Deepening our faith and understanding

    Studying the Bible allows you to dig deeper into the meaning behind the words, explore different opinions and deepen your connection with the Bible and with your faith at the same time.

  • Growing a Godly community

    When we come together to study the Bible together we all benefit. The group offers an informal setting which encourages conversation and opinion, strengthening our bond with one another and with our faith too.

  • A manageable way to study the Bible

    Many people worry that the Bible is difficult to understand or is too long to be able to dedicate enough time to studying it deeply enough.

    Our Bible study group allows you to take one chunk at a time, breaking down the text into much more manageable sizes.

  • An opportunity to discuss

    All opinions, thoughts and concerns are welcome in our group (in fact they are encouraged to be shared). Studying as a group gives you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and widen your scope as a result.

  • It’s enjoyable!

    It really is! People who join our group often say how much they have enjoyed the study sessions and how quickly the sessions seem to fly by. Why not give it a go and see if it is right for you?

Get Involved

Watch this space for further news about upcoming study sessions. If you would like to speak to a member of staff or clergy beforehand to discuss the group further, please email or call 01924 373923.

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