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Our Eco Team is engaged in the deep call of the Church which relates to the original joyful call of Creation.

- Father Tim Carroll

Eco Group

Wakefield Cathedral’s Eco Group brings together members of the congregation, volunteers and staff to work towards making the cathedral a greener place to work and worship.

We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the A Rocha UK Bronze Eco Church Award (April 2023). Since its formation, the Cathedral Eco Group has been working towards the Eco Church scheme and will continue to push forward to the next milestone. The fact our efforts have been recognised shows that even a small group working together can make a difference.


The Eco Group achieves its goals through a variety of activities, including partnerships with local community groups and releasing a weekly ‘Eco Comment’, which can be found under the Latest News section of the website.

We invite anyone and everyone to reach out if they are interested in joining the eco group, or simply finding out more about what we do.

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“The idea of saving the planet can be an overwhelming and abstract idea. However, by engaging in learning about, loving, and caring deeply for the habitat where Wakefield Cathedral has been geographically placed (discovering the local ecosystem – wildlife, local produce, local flowers and so on), and by encouraging one another to do likewise in our own communities, the idea of caring for the planet becomes more familiar and manageable. This in turn will help us to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by those communities across our world that are most affected by the climate crisis.

“As members of the worshipping community at Wakefield Cathedral, we recognise our spiritual and ethical responsibility to limit the cathedral’s impact on the environment by using our resources in an effective and efficient way. This policy aims to challenge us in our practice and to hold us to account as we seek to become carbon neutral by 2030. The policy will evolve to take into account the changing nature of our communities, and of technology, habitats and aspirations.

“We also recognise our duty to be an example of best practice and mission in the field of environmental care and will seek to demonstrate this through work that tackles the climate emergency and the global injustice caused by climate change.”

– The Chapter of Wakefield Cathedral, August 2021

Our Policy

At Wakefield Cathedral we will:

  • continue to reflect theologically on our responsibilities as stewards of God’s creation in partnership with the cathedral’s worshipping community and the many other communities we serve and with which we work;
  • reduce the cathedral’s carbon measurement annually in keeping with our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030;
  • establish an environmental officer and Eco team who will monitor and report annually to Chapter on progress;
  • avoid wasting resources, food and water and conserve energy as far as possible;
  • take environmental concerns fully into account in repair and future construction work;
  • recycle as much as possible;
  • consider locally sourcing supplies and fair trade;
  • empower employees, stakeholders and congregations to contribute to improving our carbon footprint and environmental care by providing training in keeping with aims;
  • increase our understanding and knowledge of our local environment, promote care for biodiversity and wildlife in the community and encourage this throughout Wakefield and the diocese;
  • show an active concern and solidarity with communities across the world most affected by the climate crisis;
  • take into account environmental concerns in our worship, study, training, events, administrative and other programmes and projects;
  • partner with third sector organisations to support the work of local and national environmental causes.

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If you would like to find out more about the Green Policy at Wakefield Cathedral, or to enquire about joining the Cathedral Eco-Group (individuals keen to bring our Green Policy to life) – please contact us using the button below or call 01924 373923.

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