Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Wakefield Cathedral is proud to work alongside City of Sanctuary and others in the City to help and assist those who come to us seeking humanitarian protection in the UK.

The Contact person for this work is the Canon Revd Peter Farley-Moore, please click here to email.

Others seeking Asylum

Recently we heard from Kousha Poursohrab a young Iranian man who thanked us for our support and welcome - this is what he said exactly as he said it

"human rights

Lord be with you

I strongly do appreciate this church and its activities which is a shelter for Iranian oppressed people.

this permission has been given to me today to be the free voice of a nation which is under an extreme repression.

Today I want to talk about our most valuable possession, human rights are inalienable which means that they are With us from birth to death, it cannot be taken away.

specifically, I want to talk about the human rights in Iran.

Nowadays we are witnessing disasters in Iran which are trampling human rights goals. Restrictions and punishments in Islamic Republic of Iran that violates international human rights norms including harsh penalties for crimes, punishment of "victimless crimes" such as sexual relations and homosexuality, execution of offenders under 18 years of age, violation of freedom of speech and the press (including the imprisonment of journalists, actually Iran has the biggest prisons for journalists in the middle east ), and restrictions on freedom of religion and gender equality in Islamic Republic's Constitution (especially massacre of Iranian priests and attacks on members of the Bahá'í religion).

Iran has the freedom of speech but no freedom after speech, the government of Islamic Republic of Iran has engineered one of the most repressive environments on the planet in terms of the right to free speech.

the government which has changed the country to a cage for women and has imprisoned their liberties. Woman liberation depends on the religion that ruined the women.From the point of view of Islam, Woman’s Liberation is ridiculous and funny debate Woman does not have any Authority at all and they are not recognized with the equal rights

They are devalued and forced into marriage only with permission of the father and mothers are deprived of their maternal rights after divorce together with many other violations of women rights.

Any Muslim-born child is condemned to be a Muslim and die as a Muslim

Muslim converts to different faiths face intimidation, not only from their own families but also from the Iranian authorities. They are regularly threatened, assaulted and executed.

Mosques are places to worship but in these places, people like Saeed Toosi who is so close to Iranian supreme leader and special Qur'an reciter for Iranian leader, rape and abuse children in the name of god and then the court acquitted him, the exact court which executes people because of their sexual -orientation the exact court which murder, homosexuals.

on the whole, I have found this unconditional love and passion in the warm arms of the church, which show me to worship God in a different way from what I have been taught and now I'm happy that I stand in the position that I am the son and he is the father.

for me, church is a place that for the first time in my life revealed the original concept of the free speech.

god is our refuge and strength

a very present help in trouble

although, I am far away from my country but I still feel my self-close to its pains"

These words are used with his permission as is the photograph.

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