The Community of All Saints

The video below is an introduction to the Community of all Saints, given by Bishop Tony Robinson, Area Bishop of Wakefield, at the community's inauguration in 2016.

Bishop Tony writes:

I invite you to join me in this new Community of All Saints so that in the Wakefield Area of The Diocese of Leeds we can unite in our calling to be Saints following more closely the example of Jesus.Discipleship is concerned with our spiritual formation so, if we are eager to deepen discipleship, it seems like a good idea to give serious attention to how that process of formation might be nourished! Some people have found it helpful to develop a Rule of Life in order to provide a healthy framework within which they can be intentional about their formation as Christian disciples. The Community of All Saints is a new community of Christians following a simple Rule of Life focussed on a threefold intention to PRAY, GROW and ACT.

For more information, please see leaflet the here or visit the Community website.

Below is a video of Bishop Tony's sermon on the first anniversary (All Saints Day 2017) of the launch of the community.

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