The Community of All Saints

As you know “growth” is a key issue for our Diocese - both growing numerically - and in deepening our faith and discipleship. Many of you have already enjoyed and been inspired by the Follow Me series. But let's go further ... Here in the Wakefield Episcopal Area, I want you to help me create a Community of All Saints, to experiment with the idea of a new religious community, where people make a simple ‘Rule of Life’ commitment to Pray: Grow: Act and are supported and encouraged in this by each other and shared resources.

To make this work, we invite you to join us at:

All Saints Day

Tuesday 1st November 7.30pm

Wakefield Cathedral

Bring your people to the Eucharist on All Saints Day at the Cathedral. It is my hope that every parish would be represented. I will commission the first members of ‘The Community of All Saints’. This will, I hope, be an opportunity to encourage each other in this Area as we hear some good news stories about what is happening locally.

The Community of All Saints

I would really like your support in encouraging at least two or three people from your church/parish to consider joining this new venture. Each member will make a simple ‘Rule of Life’ centred around Praying, Growing and Acting. Resources will be made available to help them in this new community to grow in their faith and commitment. It will only grow if we all encourage people to join.

I realise that you may usually have a Eucharist on this special day but I would like to ask you for this one year to bring your people so we can celebrate together in the area.

Thank you in anticipation of your support and help with making this venture a success.

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Tony Robinson

Bishop of Wakefield

Office: 01924 434451

For more information, please see leaflet here

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