Wakefield Wednesdays

Wakefield Wednesdays - Prayer, Fellowship & Learning at Wakefield Cathedral

Christians grow to maturity in Jesus Christ through prayer and worship which deepens their relationship with God. Study and learning helps us to grow into mature Christians, and through our action helps us to serve Christ in the world and enrich and grow the Church.

Wakefield Wednesdays give us the opportunity to come together in prayer, fellowship and learning. Further details are available from canontonymac@gmail.com

A typical evening would be:

6.45pm onwards – Drinks, refreshments and sometimes a meal

7.15pm – Study - in small groups

8.20pm – Night prayer

Timings may vary depending on the programme.

Programme 2018

Wakefield Wednesdays will commence during Lent for 5 weeks.

Sessions will be on Wednesdays the 21st and 28th of February and 7th, 14th and 21st of March.

Lent Study Book - Say it to God

  • Want to renew your prayer life?
  • Say It To God is a simple, honest, and inspiring prayer journey through Lent
  • You'll find new zest in prayer with the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book for 2018

The official Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book for 2018.

Have you ever felt a stumbling block in your prayers? Something you just can’t say, or don’t know how to say?

Or even just want a breath of fresh air for your prayer?

Say It To God is not a step by step formula for turning prayers into Gold, but an exercise in trust. Trust in God. There are no specific word you need to utter, but rather you’ll find a world of reassurance and theological insights into prayer that will get you started on a road to a deeper, ,more meaningful prayer life.

In the pages of Say It To God you’ll find no jargon, and don’t need a turn to a glossary with every page. Rather, much like its specific, laconic title of Say It To God, the advice and investigations found inside begin with the Bible and end with thoughts and prayer to carry through the Lent Period.

No matter how small, beige, or seemingly mundane something can be, prayer can find a place there. Loftness is not the goal of the book, but rather guiding you to a life-giving, everyday prayer routine. Like talking deeply with an old friend.

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