Virtual Youth Pilgrimage

Welcome to Wakefield Cathedral's Virtual Pilgrimage. Along with the two other cathedrals, Bradford and Ripon, in the Diocese of Leeds, we have produced virtual pilgrimages aimed at children and young people. One of the pilgrimages is aimed at children at primary school and the other for young people at secondary school, however we are sure that pre-school children and adults alike will enjoy the opportunity to explore the cathedral too. Our theme is 'Hope' and as you move through the cathedral you will see photos of some of our clergy. Click on these photos to see what they have to say about 'Hope'.

To move through the cathedral you will need to click on the circles with arrows in. As the pictures are all 360º photos you can explore each one using your touch screen or mouse. At the start you may want to give yourself more viewing space by shrinking the series of photos at the bottom of the screen, do this by clicking on the downward arrow above them. Click on the Wakefield Cathedral crosses and photo icons when you see them for more information.

Crack the Code!
At the end of your virtual pilgrimage you will see a question mark, click on it to find a question with a number for the answer. If you complete this virtual pilgrimage, as well as the ones for Bradford and Ripon Cathedrals, you will need this number as part of the code to receive your certificate from the Diocesan Children, Young People and Families Team.



To access the virtual pilgrimages for Bradford and Ripon Cathedrals or return to the Diocese of Leeds Cathedral Youth Pilgrimage webpage click here.

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