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Meet Gillian

Gillian Bunn is the Community Outreach Officer at Wakefield Cathedral.

As a trained-teacher, Gillian is able to tailor her sessions and lessons around different age groups and different themes, bringing Wakefield Cathedral to life for all ages.

If you would like to find out more about any of the above or for bespoke lesson opportunities please contact Gillian directly on 01924 373923 or via email

From Key Stage One through to university, Wakefield Cathedral can offer a valuable, engaging and memorable experience for pupils and students of all ages.

Our school activities are designed to meet National Curriculum programmes of study and reflect Ofsted guidance for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Below are just some of the engagement opportunities available for you and your school including:

  • Visits to Wakefield Cathedral
  • Bringing Wakefield Cathedral to your school
  • Virtual lessons and assemblies
  • The Chantry Chapel
  • Virtual Youth Pilgrimage

Visit Wakefield Cathedral

Situated in the heart of Wakefield city centre, the cathedral is truly one of the great sites to visit, both spiritually and culturally, across the region.

We are able to offer school visits for up to one class at a time, adapting the content depending on age and what your school is looking to get out of the visit (particularly valuable for Religious Education, History or English classes).

We have seven key workshops which you can choose from for your class to partake in, or likewise we can tailor your sessions around a plan which fits you (be it a tour of the building or perhaps experiencing the labyrinth).

Our workshops include: signs and symbols; stories in light, stone and wood; the Christmas journey; the Easter story; poppies and peace; for all the saints and making music.

  • How long do the visits last?

    Our workshops last for two hours for Key Stage One to Four, and one hour for Foundation Stage (bespoke options are available on request).

  • Costs

    A two-hour visit (KS1-4) is charged at £4 per child

    A one-hour visit (Foundation level) is charged at £2 per child.

    There is a £30 minimum charge for school visits.

    (We will usually be able to find you a space to eat any packed lunches you wish to bring).

  • How to book

    Whether you are wanting to book a workshop, arrange a bespoke visit or to find out more, please email or call 01924 373923. For more information download our School Visits booklet below.

Wakefield Cathedral

“A trip to Wakefield Cathedral is truly a unique and unforgettable experience… the whole class loved it”

- LW, Year Five Teacher

Bringing Wakefield Cathedral to your school

If you aren’t able to travel to Wakefield Cathedral, let us bring Wakefield Cathedral to you!

As a trained-teacher, our Community Outreach Officer Gillian Bunn will be able to visit your school and provide a variety of engaging lesson plans, activities and workshops for your class to enjoy.

These can include: one-hour classroom lessons on a variety of subjects around Christian faith and the history of Wakefield Cathedral; team activities in your gym or school hall space (such as ‘Walk the Labyrinth’); hands-on creative sessions; bespoke assemblies for the whole school or a select group and much more.

If you are looking for a musical element to your visit, our Director of Music (James Bowstead) and Assistant Director of Music (Alana Brook) are also able to visit your school to teach best singing practice, share information about cathedral choirs and cathedral music and lead singing lessons for the whole class to enjoy.

  • How long do the lessons last?

    Most school visits will last for half a day, however full day visits and bespoke options are able to be arranged if required alongside shorter visits for assemblies.

  • Costs

    Costs vary depending on which lessons/sessions are being arranged and which materials and resources will need to be used.

    Half-day in school workshops cost £150.

    Half-day ‘Walk the Labyrinth’ sessions cost £150, full-day costs £250.

     All costs will be approved before any lessons/sessions are confirmed.

  • How to book

    To find out more or to book a school visit please email or call 01924 373923. For more information download our School Visits Leaflet below.

Virtual school visits

Over the last few years, virtual visits have provided schools with the opportunity to engage with Wakefield Cathedral in a non-disruptive and a cost-effective manner.

Discover the cathedral from the comfort of the classroom or allow us to present at your school assembly through the use of your projector and screen.

We are able to offer all of the aforementioned workshops that classes can take part in during ‘physical’ visits to the cathedral (see above) and we have a number of virtual assembly themes to choose from too including: Christian festivals, Bible stories, symbols and more (or get in touch for a bespoke offering).

  • How long do the virtual visits last?

    Most sessions last around 75 minutes, however we can tailor these to fit your schools needs. Virtual assemblies last between 20-30 minutes.

  • Costs

    A virtual visit or virtual assembly from Wakefield Cathedral is free(!) However if you would like to make a donation to the cathedral in return it would be greatly appreciated and support our continued outreach work.

  • What equipment do we need?

    We can conduct our lessons and assemblies using Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet.

  • How to book

    To find out more or to book a school visit please email or call 01924 373923. For more information download our Virtual Visits Leaflet below.

Chantry Chapel

Did you know Wakefield Cathedral also looks after the historic Chantry Chapel, located on Chantry Bridge about half a mile away from the cathedral (Calder Vale Road, WF1 5DL)?

Visits, both for schools and individuals, are only available on request. If your school would be interested in visiting this unique Wakefield landmark please get in touch by emailing or call 01924 373923.

Virtual Youth Pilgrimage

Along with our sister cathedrals in the Diocese of Leeds (Bradford and Ripon), we have recently produced virtual youth pilgrimages for both primary and secondary school pupils (however pre-school children and adults alike may well enjoy exploring the cathedrals online too!) 

As you move through the cathedral you will see photos of some of our clergy and key areas within the cathedral marked by icons which can be clicked to learn more.

Through the use of 360º photography you can explore each area of the cathedral online like never before.

Wakefield Cathedral Choir

Do you have some musically talented pupils in your school? Our cathedral choir are always on the look out for boys and girls who have a passion for singing to join our group.

Visit our choir page to find out more or email

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