Appointing the New Dean

21 December 2017

Appointing the New Dean

The process will take place over the first four or five months of 2018

On 11 and 12 January we had a fact finding visit to the Cathedral which included a public meeting there will be further meetings in February to draw up the job description I you want to make any further comment now it should be before the end of January and to

Caroline Boddington either through the cathedral or through this page

If you write you might like to think about

1] What are the important things to value, preserve and develop at Wakefield Cathedral

2] Are their ongoing unfinished projects to complete.

3] Going forward what are the priorities for the new Dean in using our renewed Cathedral.

The process will then continue quietly for three months with further meetings and interviews and we expect an announcement around May with a new Dean after the summer.

Our Chapter representatives are Claire Honess and Danny Wilkes

Any member of the cathedral community may write with suggestions or names to The Archbishops’ Appointments Secretary℅ the Cathedral and we will pass them on

see and also

Please speak to the Sub Dean or any of the Canons or the Chapter Representatives for further information.

We are in the process of drawing up out statement of needs and are very happy to hear everyone's ideas..

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