Letter from the Dean to Yorkshire Post

4 November 2018

Letter from the Dean of Wakefield to the Editor of the Yorkshire Post: printed Monday 29 October.

Your report about numbers attending cathedral worship (Record numbers attend England’s cathedrals at Christmas, 24 October) is welcome news for those of us who have the privilege of being involved in cathedral ministry. Our experience in Wakefield mirrors the national trend: since the renewal of the interior of Wakefield Cathedral in 2015 attendance at Christmas services has increased by over 14 per cent, while the figures for Easter show an increase of over 8 per cent. But behind these statistics is an even more interesting story: in these times when social cohesion is under siege because of the insidious effects of identity politics, the rise in numbers of people visiting our cathedrals demonstrates that they are seen as places where people of all faiths and none can be assured of the unconditional welcome which lies at the heart of the Christian faith. That is good news indeed.

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