Favourite Place - Boundary

8 July 2019

Where’s your favourite place?

Wakefield Cathedral is asking people to share their favourite places to help create a picture postcard art show this summer to go alongside Wakefield artist Tony Wade’s Boundary exhibition.

Due to popular demand Boundary – a series of 60 paintings that represent a complete view of the Wakefield District boundary - is coming back into Wakefield Cathedral from August and will once again be displayed around the labyrinth to encourage visitors to get involved with the journey the artist made.

To run alongside that, the cathedral has teamed up with Tony Wade to create a gallery made up of people’s photos and postcards hanging in the nave featuring their special places or journeys with a short explanation of why that place matters.

He said: “I'm excited to bring Boundary back to Wakefield Cathedral and really pleased it made a connection with so many people when it was here last.

“I think it's important we remember and celebrate journeys and places that mean something to us and I'm looking forward to reading about journeys others have made and displaying them in the cathedral,’ he added.

The exhibition, called Favourite journeys: Favourite places will start in August but the ambition is that people will add to it throughout the summer holidays by sending a postcard to Wakefield Cathedral from their summer holiday.

There will also be blank postcards available in the cathedral for visitors to fill in throughout the summer with pictures and words.

The Dean of Wakefield, the Very Revd Simon Cowling said: “All of us have places and journeys that are special to us, and we are looking forward at the Cathedral to hearing from you about your own special places and journeys and adding them to our gallery over the summer.

“We like to think that Wakefield Cathedral becomes a special place for everyone who visits and look forward to seeing you at this unique exhibition.”

Boundary opens in Wakefield Cathedral on August 3 and will run until Saturday 17 August.

Favourite Places: Favourite Journeys will open on August 3 and run until September.


SEND us either a photo or postcard from your favourite place – you can include a line of text saying why if you wish (not compulsory)

It is your responsibility to make sure you have the permission of everyone in the photo before you share it.

Please be aware we cannot be return hard copies

Email to with Favourite Places in the subject line.

Post to Favourite Places, Wakefield Cathedral, Cathedral Centre, 8-10 Westmorland Street, Wakefield, WF1 1PJ

Or Hand into the shop or the Cathedral Centre.

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