Unique sound and vision

23 July 2019

A unique musical installation created by Beirut composer and sound artist, Tarek Atoui specifically for Wakefield Cathedral was heard for the first time on Saturday.

Almost 200 people gathered in the Cathedral Quire to hear Tarek Atoui’s Shuffle Orchestra with an inaugural piece commissioned for the Yorkshire Sculpture International Arts festival – 100 days of sculpture across the cities of Wakefield and Leeds which opened last month and is the first of its kind in the country.

This new piece of work specially designed for Wakefield heard a series of newly created instruments – plus the cathedral organ - that together became part of an art installation that explored and illuminated the architectural space around it.

The Dean of Wakefield, the Very Revd Simon Cowling said: “The piece was a mesmerising sound sculpture that weaved together sounds ranging from vibrating ball bearings and table tennis balls to the cathedral organ.

‘It was a huge privilege to work with Tarek Atoui and the team at Yorkshire Sculpture International to enable this performance. The wonderful acoustics of the Cathedral made it a memorable experience,’ he added.

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