COVID-19 Update from the Dean: Face-coverings

27 July 2020

A message from the Dean

The government announced on Tuesday 14 July that face-coverings in most retail outlets would be compulsory from Friday 24 July. The Church of England’s Recovery Group, chaired by the Bishop of London, issued its own guidance on the use of face coverings on Thursday 23 July. The guidance contains the following statement: We strongly advise that face coverings should be worn by all those attending a place of worship, including ministers, worshippers, staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors, where there may be other people present; remembering that they are mainly intended to protect other people, not the wearer, from coronavirus COVID-19 and that they are not a replacement for physical distancing and regular hand washing.

All clergy in the Diocese of Leeds have been informed that the diocese endorses this advice, and as one of the three cathedrals of the diocese we need to be seen to be following best practice. In light of the Recovery Group’s guidance we shall be asking (though we cannot require) everyone who attends an act of worship at Wakefield Cathedral on or after 24 July to wear a face covering. You can find the full guidance on the dedicated pages of the Church of England website at .

I am acutely aware how difficult it will be for many of you to accommodate yourselves to this new (though I hope temporary) reality. But I also know that you will join me in wanting to play a part, however small, in our common aim of keeping as many people as possible safe from infection.

With prayers and good wishes.

Dean Simon

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