Shrove Tuesday - Make the Perfect Pancake

15 February 2021

Tuesday 16th February 2021 marks Shrove Tuesday, traditionally the Feast Day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday.

Traditionally during Lent, many Christians would give up rich foods including butter, eggs and sugar (with many still giving up these or similar items for Lent today). Shrove Tuesday was seen as the last opportunity to "stock up" on these items, and what better meal to create from such ingredients than Pancakes!

Our Catering Manager at Wakefield Cathedral, Ea Nielsen, has put together some fantastic recipe cards for you to download in order to make the Perfect Pancake this Shrove Tuesday.

Whether you are a fan of a sweet topping or would always opt for the savoury choice, be sure to check out Ea's fabulous "Dark Chocolate and Cherries" or "Peking Duck" toppings, guaranteed to be a winner for all the family.

Download your free recipe cards today by simply clicking here: Pancake Day Recipes

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