Weekly Reflection: Come and enter into the Story

26 March 2021

Revd Canon Leah Vasey-Saunders

It’s easy at the moment to talk about getting back to ‘normal’ as we emerge from this pandemic. That’s because it is really hard to imagine a future all that different from our past. The past however is reallythe story we’ve told ourselves about the past’. Which is why two people can be at the same meeting or event and yet interpret it quite differently. It is really important to remember this as we are invited to enter into the Passion story – the story of the suffering and death of Jesus - in the coming days. Because we are about to experience a second ‘less than ideal Holy Week’. Or are we? If that is our starting point, perhaps it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, rather than talking out of our past experiences and memories, we might lay aside those (and the Holy Weeks of years gone by) so that we might be open to experiencing a different future, a different Holy Week.

The Passion story is not a story about all that went wrong in the past but about what might go right in the future. The story we are invited into is for now, for this week. In doing this, this week becomes part of our lives, our lived experience, and we can begin to imagine that his story is our story. As we hear this story, experience our story, we see Jesus experience the extremes of human life, so that, when we experience the extremes, we know God understands and is with us. Even more, in this story we discover that because of Jesus, death does not have the last word.

This is the story told by the church, for the church and for the world. We are invited to live and breathe the story of God’s redeeming love. A story not of the past, but of the present reality rooted in human experience as we journey day by day through this week. A story which will expand our imaginations and open up the possibilities of a new and different future, not constrained by any pandemic or past.

In Christ,

Canon Leah

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