Wakefield Cathedral: Earth Day

22 April 2021

I recently watched a video about the first astronauts’ journey into space. They said they were so excited about seeing what was beyond the clouds, but when they had arrived in space it was actually the view they had of the Earth that blew them away.

They had a completely new perspective on their home planet, never anticipating how majestic the sight of the Earth would be from space.

It is easy to take God’s creation for granted and not notice all the beauty and wonder that we are constantly surrounded by, perhaps that’s part of the reason we find ourselves in a climate emergency. We can lose touch with what is around us.

Jesus knew his environment intimately; he was baptised in the river, he prayed on mountains, walked on water, pointed to wildflowers for object lessons.

On Earth Day, let us enjoy getting reacquainted with the Earth God has placed us on. Enjoying all the local wonders of creation on our doorstep and be active in preserving this wondrous gift for generations to come.

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