Weekly Reflection - What is a Missioner?

16 April 2021

Many people have asked me this question over recent weeks. Every time I am asked, I try to explain that I have been tasked with reaching out beyond the cathedral congregations to the wider community as well as trying to support and nurture those who worship here.

The word mission has its origins in the idea of “being sent” – as a missioner I am sent by God to others with the good news of God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ. What an awesome privilege that is, it certainly motivates me to get out of bed in the morning!

Pope Francis offered this definition when trying to speak of mission:

“To give witness with joy and simplicity to who we are and what we believe in”

I love this definition as it makes mission seem achievable, something that ordinary people like you and I might be able to do.

As we continue to emerge from this pandemic and bring our Christian hope to bear on our experiences perhaps you might join me in seeking to learn how to be missioners? The God of the Bible is a missionary God (e.g. John 3:16-17); he sends people with messages and reaches out to the world in love, and he calls all of us to join in. As we re-enter shops, hairdressing salons, gardens of friends and family let’s take the opportunity to demonstrate something of our faith in the everyday moments and interactions of life with “joy and simplicity”.

One of the Wakefield Cathedral values is “Joyful” – it is a theme we will be considering in our Bible Studies that resume this week on Thursdays at 8pm. The group is a great place to deepen our faith, our joy and our missionary confidence.

Let’s pray that as a community we might grow in joyfulness and spread the joy of Christ’s love as we each play our part in rebuilding and renewing community life.

Every blessing,

Canon Peter

PS. If you’d like to meet up or get in touch, I’d love to hear from you or 07786160993

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