Weekly Reflection - Solidarity and a Tea-Time Prayer

14 May 2021

During the days between Ascension and Pentecost we remember the early disciples’ example of solidarity. They were in a time of crisis, a time of change where past certainties had been removed and an unknown future awaited them. They responded by standing together in prayer.

Christian Aid week has fallen in this season of solidarity and prayer and with it a reminder that the climate crisis is already impacting fragile communities throughout the world. As you read this week’s cathedral news and catch up, why not pour yourself a cup of tea and spend a few moments in solidarity and prayer with our Christian family throughout the world?

God of all of life,

waiting for the water to boil
we confess and lament
the rise of temperature
that has led to a climate crisis
across this beautiful planet.
We wait, impatient for change.

Pouring out hot water
on loose-leaf or tea bag,
into teapot or favourite mug,
we pour out our intercessions
for a change of heart by politicians
to put planet and people first.

Stirring teabag, leaves or sugar
we ask that you would stir in us
a passion to take action,
to do all we can at this critical hour
to take care of our common home
and amplify the call for climate justice.

Drinking that first satisfying sip
we give thanks for the day when
‘they will hunger no more,
and thirst no more’*
Infuse us with a strongly brewed vision
of your creation healed and restored.


* #AmenToClimateJustice

*Revelation 7:16

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