Weekly Reflection - Come Together

16 July 2021

Father Tim

On 26 September the cathedral will be hosting a Confirmation service. Some within our cathedral congregation have begun attending a group which is exploring the foundations of the Christian faith. Last week was our first session and we looked at God the Trinity. It was probably the right place to start, as the Trinity explains how Christians begin to understand God, but it certainly was not an easy place to begin. On Trinity Sunday a few weeks ago the Dean gave us a list of Trinitarian statements and asked us to choose which ones are affirmed by the Church and which are not. It was quite tricky and if you were there, you may have felt like a bit of a heretic, I know I did.

As I was facilitating the confirmation group it felt like a challenge to help unpack the doctrine of the Trinity and illustrate that there is scriptural evidence for its existence and that it’s incredibly important to understanding who God is. What struck me as we gathered and engaged in discussion was that the willingness of the group simply to come together on a Wednesday night and engage in exploring Christianity said something about the Trinity; God is relational and participates in the world. As we are made in His image, we reflect something of the Trinity when we too are relational and when we participate. I do not know if that sounds simplistic or even too abstract but coming together and making the effort really is important and it transforms us when we are involved in one another's lives. We don’t worship and follow the ‘man upstairs’ who is distant, a bit scary and uninvolved but we worship and follow a God whose three persons are in relation to one another. We reflect that divine nature when we simply and uncompetitively get involved in one another’s lives. It’s not always easy but it transforms us.

The role of technology during lockdown has been a gift to us. It will be interesting to see how in-person and virtual participation develops over the coming months. For some, with restrictions lifting next week, the thought of getting away from a computer screen will be relished and for some the convenience of participating online will still be highly valued, for some it will be a bit of both. Whatever our circumstances participating as a community is important as it reflects the divine nature of our lovingly involved God.

With prayers and best wishes
Father Tim

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