Weekly Reflection - Being a Christ-like Community

3 September 2021

Father Tim

So the Gaia festival has finished, the giant earth has been removed from the nave, thousands of wide-eyed visitors are no longer flowing through the cathedral building… but what a fantastic week we had. The opportunity to engage with so many people of all ages and backgrounds on issues such as climate change, local eco-work, pray for the world and some fun and entertaining events. There is also probably a sigh of relief as it took a lot of energy to host, a massive well done to all the cathedral volunteers and staff for making sure we made the most of the fantastic opportunities that the installation provided.

But what now?I’m sure we are looking forward to a less hectic pace, but it would be a shame not to reflect and build on the themes of last week. Dean Simon mentioned the cathedral’s eco-policy in last week’s catch up and at last Sunday’s service we made an act of commitment, as a community, to love and care for God’s creation. Policies and acts of commitment are a lot less spectacular than big installations of the earth and don’t grab as many headlines, but if we take them seriously as a community, then in the long run, they can be just as fruitful. I would encourage you to have a read of the cathedral policy ‘Learn, Love, Save’ which is linked in this week’s Catch up.

It wasn’t just the eco-policy that was highlighted last Sunday but also the opportunity to give help in providing much needed resources to the City of Sanctuary chairty as they help provide care for Afghan refugees who are arriving into the UK. Although we are less busy with a big event, the call to care for the most vulnerable is still a priority for us as Christians. We are to remember that Jesus, himself as child along with his family, had to flee Judea for Egypt as a refugee from a government campaign of murder (Matthew 2:13-18) and later in his life he wandered between Galilee, Syria, Samaria and Judea. Faithfulness to our migrant Messiah entails welcoming those who are far from home ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me in.. . Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me’ (Matt 25:35,40).

Although the excitement and fast pace of last week has calmed down, let’s continue to keep in mind the call to be a ‘Christ-like community’ which takes seriously our commitment to caring for the planet and those groups of people who are most vulnerable and need our support and welcome.

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