From Mixing Decks to Mendelssohn

15 June 2022

Nine-year old Lily-Rose is one of the newest members of Wakefield Cathedral’s ever-growing choir, having joined just four months ago, but her passion and enthusiasm for cathedral music are already clear for all to see.

The role of chorister, however, is somewhat in contrast to her second musical hobby – learning how to mix the decks at the family pub just a stone’s throw away…

Chorister Catch-up... Lily-Rose

Lily-Rose Lynn Ensor

St Mary’s C of E Primary School (Wakefield)

Where is home?
I live with my mum, dad and little sister in Wakefield city centre above the Strafford Arms, the pub which my mum and dad have run for the past two years.

What made you want to join the choir?
I love singing and I thought it seemed like a really lovely thing to do… and it is!

How did you get involved?
Dr Jones [Wakefield Cathedral Director of Music] visited our class at school. We did some singing and learnt some technique and theory to get a taste of what being in the choir would be like, I really enjoyed it so told my mum and dad I wanted to give it a go!

Are your family musical?
My mum played the piano when she was younger and my dad is a DJ, he is currently teaching me how to mix and I love doing that too.

So what music do you like?
I like everything really… from pop songs to chilled Ibiza to worship songs!

Outside of music do you have any other hobbies?
I like art, skipping and playing with my friends and dogs.

What is the best thing about being in the choir?
I love being able to sing in front of people, and especially when I see people in the audience who I know. When I first started I was quite nervous but excited, now I just really enjoy it and singing along to joyful music.

How would you sum up being a Chorister in one word?

The cathedral choir consists of both boys and girls (from school years four to nine) and provides a some fantastic benefits to those involved, from first-class tuition and singing in an amazing space through to making new friends and creating life-long memories. Lily-Rose’s mum, Vicky, also highlighted some of the great benefits she has seen over the last few months too…

Vicky Grey

Manager of a Public House (Strafford Arms)

How do you feel when you see Lily-Rose performing?
I feel incredibly proud. To see her up there enjoying herself, doing something which she wants to do and which she really loves in just great to see. It’s an amazing experience for her and both myself and her dad are so proud of her.

Have you seen any change in Lily-Rose since she started?
For sure, her confidence has certainly improved, and she just continues to grow and grow in her role as a Chorister at Wakefield Cathedral.

If you have a child who would be interested in becoming a chorister at Wakefield Cathedral, or to find out more about any of the other choirs at the cathedral and who to contact for further information, please visit the “Choir” page on our website.

Lily-Rose with mum, Vicky

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