Weekly Reflection – Hospitality: Mind the Gap

23 June 2022

Canon Jayson

For the next two weekends Wakefield Cathedral hosts ordination services. The services live out the vision of the Diocese of Leeds. The ordination services are part of developing confident Christians who are growing churches and transforming communities.

We will welcome four priests and twenty-three deacons. The ministries of deacon and priest are given by God to enable the Church to live out its calling. The ministries also represent to the Church the ministry of Christ. Amidst the deacons there is a former opera singer, an ex-newspaper journalist, a trained chef, and an archaeologist. The deacons will then serve across the diocese as they are literally led out from Wakefield Cathedral by Bishop Nick at the end of both ordination services. They cross the threshold as deacons and seek to engage with the community – they ‘mind the gap’ as part of ministry.

The services, and the background of the deacons, left me thinking about who else experiences our hospitality and how we ‘mind the gap’. The ongoing question is who else crosses the threshold and enters the cathedral whom we are mindful of and respond to in ways that reflect our Cathedral Vision and Diocesan Vision. How do we as a community ‘mind the gap’. Some days more than one hundred people visit the cathedral, each with their own story. They cross the threshold in the same way as those being ordained but in a less formal way. However, they still ‘mind the gap’ and we are called to do the same. Each person makes a conscious decision to enter the Cathedral and we respond. Industrial action has meant the many rail and tube stations have not had the announcements to ‘mind the gap’ in the past week. To me it is part of everyday life in the cathedral that we are called to ‘mind the gap’.

With Blessings,
Canon Jayson

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