Eco Comment – Cycle for the Century

08 June 2023

Cycle for the Century

I noticed a message on my phone today telling me how much my carbon breakdown was for the past year due to my taking the train instead of travelling by car. Sadly, it only applied to the journeys I’d used the app for, but it showed how we can all make a difference without too much effort.

Fortunately for our world, some people put in a lot of effort and this week is a chance to share in a week with 2 special causes: Bike Week  runs to 15 June and the Big Green Week is from 10 to 18 June. Cycle for the Century marks the 100th annual Bike Week which celebrates everyday cycling for everyone. Work places are encouraged to support their staff to ride during the week. Did you know there is a scheme whereby firms can facilitate workers buying a bike?

There are several events lined up for this weekend. If you able to be at the Cathedral on Friday afternoon, you’ll see one of our own congregation on his bike as he cycles to Bradford and around the diocese with other hardy souls. Keep an eye out for photos in next week’s Catch-up.

Whilst not actually part of the Great Big Green Week, it’s possibly not coincidental that the Wakefield School Climate Change Action group are starting a baton relay walk across the district. As described in last week’s local paper, pupils will walk 50 miles from one school to another over 10 days passing a specially made wooden baton. They have created an online petition for more to be done about climate change and schools being carbon neutral by 2030. They are supported by the Woodland Trust and will be joined by civic leaders along the way.

Having started our eco journey at the cathedral, we’re reassured to discover that there are so many green shoots sprouting all over the UK and the world. Plans for our own events in the future are taking place now; we pray they take fruit to the benefit of us all.

Susan Morgan
Eco Group

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