Eco Comment – Fairtrade Fortnight has Moved!

15 March 2024

For many years, 29 in fact, Fairtrade Fortnight has taken place in the spring, but this year, in order to really celebrate 30 years of helping farmers around the world, they have moved the actual fortnight to September, but have put together 30 ways in which you can help them gear up to celebrate their 30 years of the FAIRTRADE mark in the UK when it arrives in September. 

We at the cathedral are hoping to renew our commitment to buying FAIRTRADE goods in the near future, but in the meantime you can act independently. I’ve picked out some of the suggested ideas from ’30 ways to celebrate 30 years of Fairtrade’ ( to get you started. 

  • Sign up to receive information via the ‘Latest News’ emails as a way of getting involved in supporting Fairtrade. Fairtrade stands with farmers and workers fighting back against exploitation, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the accelerating climate crisis. 
  • Sign your local Community Declaration for Climate Justice. There’s a link on the website. 
  • If you’re sending flowers to someone, buy Fairtrade blooms. These are available from several supermarkets as well as local florists. Florists can also sign up through: Your contributions add a 10% premium for every stem sold allowing workers to invest in healthcare, education and other social benefits. 
  • Make a smoothie: bananas, mangoes, orange juice, peanut butter, honey, nuts and spices. Using Fairtrade helps you ‘smoothly’ start the conversation. (Their words not mine) 
  • Get creative in the kitchen. Getting your 5 a Day and exploring new foods and ways of cooking is easy the Fairtrade way. Ingredient ideas and recipes are available from the website using some of the over 6,000 Fairtrade products available across the UK. 
  • Enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon tea the Fairtrade way. Many supermarkets and local shops sell Fairtrade teas and coffees. All we have to do is make the choice.  
  • Watch a movie. The website suggests some film choices that show what climate justice looks like. You could always make an evening of it and invite some friends and neighbours to attend (for a small fee which could then be donated to Fairtrade). 
  • If you’re buying a new T shirt ensure that it uses Fairtrade cotton. Did you know that around 100 million rural households are engaged in cotton production in more than 75 countries around the globe? 90 percent of the cotton farmers live in developing countries, many of them in West Africa, but India grows the most Fairtrade certified cotton. Cotton production is linked to several environmental issues: extensive usage of agrochemicals and excessive use of water putting fresh water supplies of local populations at risk. Fairtrade works with farmers to stop or reduce the agrochemicals and supports them to adapt to changing climate patterns. Fairtrade Standards also protect farmers’ health and safety, and ban genetically modified cotton seed. It encourages and empowers farmers to protect the natural environment as an integral part of their farm management.  ( cotton) 
  • Teaching and learning about Fairtrade is easy. There are lesson plans, assembly ideas, resources  and games available for all ages from nursery to secondary schools. It’s also possible to register for a Fairtrade School Award. Lots of inspiring ideas. 
  • Needless to say their final idea is to fundraise. Fairtrade, like so many other charities are in need of funds to keep up their work. Maybe this is something that we could or should consider doing at the cathedral?  

In the meantime, as Easter and the chocolate frenzy that appears to overtake the population as a whole gets closer, please consider buying FAIRTRADE certified chocolate products knowing that they invariably contain more actual chocolate and less sugar, plus you’ll be helping people around the world have a better standard of living. 

Susan Morgan
Eco Group

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