Strategic Vision - Firm in Hope

Our Strategic Vision, launched by Chapter at the beginning of Advent 2020 after much discernment and reflection, provides a roadmap for the coming 10 years. Located firmly in the context of our cathedral life, our region and our diocese, the Vision sets out the challenges and opportunities which face us, and the ways in which we intend to meet them.

As Dean Simon says in his introduction, “May this Vision challenge us to live life fully in God’s spirit and to be a place from which God sends us out into our city, diocese and beyond to share our unbounded hope, joy and confidence in him.”

Our mission

Wakefield Cathedral seeks to offer a distinctive setting for the worship of God by building on a living tradition that will engage and inspire present and future generations.

We strive to be an outward-looking community of disciples of Jesus Christ, inviting others to walk alongside us to share God’s love with all the people of Wakefield and the wider Diocese of Leeds.

We pray daily for our Bishop, our sister cathedrals in Bradford and Ripon, and for all the parishes of our diocese.

Our vision

Wakefield Cathedral is:

A safe and welcoming place where everyone can find space to encounter God and one another.

A life-giving place where people expect to be nourished and cared for in life and in faith.

An inspiring place from which people go out to celebrate the blessings and share the challenges of God’s world.

Our values

Joyful – generous - inclusive

Our goals – by 2030

Building the body of Christ:

We will be a growing, welcoming and increasingly diverse congregation, united in purpose, committed to our rich and distinctive pattern of liturgy and music, and equipped to reach out in intentional missional activity and tell the story of Jesus Christ.

A partner for mission:

We will be seen as the city of Wakefield’s greatest asset and a leading organisation with which to partner. We will be a convener for third sector activity in Wakefield, providing a focal point for work with the homeless, asylum seekers and lower-income families. We will be a place where challenging issues facing the nation can be discussed and debated.

And we will be financially resilient, rich enough to share and be abundantly generous.

Maximising our assets for mission:

As the focal point of a redeveloped and revitalised city centre in Wakefield, our building will be an asset for the wider community, contributing to growing confidence in the city. God will be in evidence to all people using the facility, whatever their reason for doing so.

A cathedral for the whole diocese:

As one of the three cathedrals of the Diocese of Leeds, we will be a cathedral to which the whole diocese looks as a resource to help it fulfil its vision of developing confident Christians, enabling growing churches and transforming communities. We will work in complementary partnership with but be distinctively different from our sister cathedrals and will be recognised as a key partner by parishes across the diocese.

The full Strategic Vision document may be found by following the link below:

Firm In Hope Strategic Vision 2020-2030

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