Weekly Reflection – Moving on

01 September 2022

Canon Philip

There’s only one silver lorry owned by a particular major national removals company.  We know this because those who moved us from Reading to Horbury Junction were very proud of it!  So it was quite funny to see in the newspaper a picture of the same lorry outside 10 Downing Street!

Political leaders move on; next week The Queen will appoint one as her fifteenth Prime Minister.  Whatever our views about politics or indeed monarchy, Church of England services focus our prayers for our country by praying for The Queen.  Perhaps it’s easier to pray for one person who embodies and represents the whole nation, whose face and voice we recognise, above the hurly-burly and controversy, than all fifty six million.  Spare a prayer for The Queen this week (and, whatever you think of her or him, the person who becomes the new Prime Minister, who will have a huge amount to deal with on our behalf).

Next week I move on, too, as I join the team here at Wakefield Cathedral during Choral Evensong at 15:30 on Sunday 04 September.  The Queen will be involved in a very roundabout way; as public office-holders, Church of England clergy swear allegiance to her when they start a new role.  This is a sign that part of what shapes our life together are the particular laws and histories of our country.

Perhaps you might spare a prayer for me and my family, too.  I’m really grateful for all your kind words of welcome and encouragement.  I’m going to make mistakes and I’ve a lot to learn.  But I’m really glad to be here, joining a community firmly founded on the hope we share in Christ.  It’s a firm foundation because, unlike new canons or even new prime ministers, Jesus never disappoints us or lets us down.  Faith in him is the best and truest foundation for us to move on in our own spiritual journeys and in our life together.

With prayers and best wishes,

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