Weekly Reflection – Home and Away

24 August 2023

It’s been great to come back after two weeks’ holiday (where it only rained one day!) and people have been very kind in asking whether we had a nice break. Indeed we did; but it did make me think. I’m really blessed that I can go on holiday, and have people to go with; our only problem was deciding how to juggle people’s different preferences – beach or café, walk or steam train?!

But, of course, a lot of people struggle with time off or time away. Those whose work or caring responsibilities make it hard to take time off; those who haven’t the money to go away; those who may have time and money but feel they’ve no one to go with. So as those of us who’ve been on holiday give thanks for time away, perhaps we can spare a prayer for those who can’t have a break. (And, if we wanted to do something practical, our Mothers’ Union support an excellent project called ‘Away from it all’ which helps people take a break – see here for details.)

Being away also makes me think about being home. We’ve been here just over a year now, and every day I’m so grateful for being made so welcome in the cathedral and in our new home. Feeling ‘at home’ – whether it’s literally a house or a church or a group or a place outdoors – is such a precious gift. So in a moment of quiet thank God for those places where you feel at home. And, again, maybe spare a prayer for those who don’t have a home, or who don’t feel comfortable or safe in the place where they live.

Whether we’re home or away, writes St Paul, we aim to please God (2 Corinthians 5.9). Wherever these last days of summer find us, give thanks for time away and for places to call home; pray for those who aren’t enjoying a break or a home; and be thinking always of how we can be serve the God who offers us an everlasting home with him.

With prayers and best wishes,

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