Eco Comment – Planting, Poppies and Patience

08 November 2023

Part 1

It always brings a sense of hope when planting spring bulbs, in that we can look forward to going from dark nights to warmth and light again, when we know the bulbs will be flowering. Last week saw the Eco Group helping with the replanting of the four flower containers outside the western entrance to the Cathedral. Despite the rain, the containers were potted up with bulbs, cyclamen, pansies and wallflowers by an enthusiastic group, supported by local people taking part in the half term activities within the Cathedral, to brighten the darker days of the year. We know that, come Spring, the bright flowers bursting forth from the bulbs will fulfill the hope we had when they were planted.

Eco Group

Part 2

The new V&A Museum of Childhood in London is brilliant and well worth a visit. It’s organised in such a way as to make it fascinating for children but equally if not more so for older teens and adults. It’s not just playing the memory game though. There’s a large section about the future and how design and science works together and reuses things. Makers from the small companies to multinationals are really thinking outside the box and recreating objects from surprising materials. These range from fabric to furniture and textiles to test tubes.
Hearing about the new ‘plastic free’ red remembrance poppies reminds us how long it can take change to happen but if we’re patient someone, somewhere will persuade the producers that these things need to happen.

Susan Morgan
Eco Group

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