Weekly Reflection – Struggling with Change

17 November 2023

Nothing in life is constant; everything is changeable, nothing is static, because life isn’t static, its constantly moving forward. Sometimes slowly, sometimes at a pace in which we feel we can’t keep up. November always feels like it’s a month of change: we see the seasons change, when the leaves start to fall from the trees in anticipation of winter; we see a shift in the weather: all of a sudden, the temperature drops and the big coats are out once more, the heating is on and the nights are dark.

Change is inevitable in the hospital, everything is changeable, no two days are the same. There are always new patients to see, new visitors to the hospital. But there lies the beauty, an acute hospital at its best, constantly moving forward. But I also appreciate that many people struggle with change, especially in a hospital environment. They may receive bad news, have life-altering illnesses or accidents. And in that brief moment between a life lived and a life to live, we are static – suspended, if you like – in a moment of disorientation. It’s a brief moment because within the blink of an eye we are again moving forward, often in a different direction than before. In times like these we can cry out to God for help. In Psalm 34 we read ‘Is anyone crying for help? God is listening, ready to rescue you.’ Our faith can be a great comfort and strength when times change; we can find in our faith and the faith of others the courage and confidence we need to start to make the first tentative steps to move forward.

In our moments of disorientation, when we feel afraid or insecure, when change overwhelms us, let us use the small, static, suspended moment of grace to just breathe and ask for God’s help and wisdom. Whatever change looks like for you, may we meet it with dignity and love.

With prayers and best wishes,
Revd Charlene

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