Tools with a Mission: Donations of Usable Tools Wanted

04 June 2024

Leeds Diocese MU are collecting unwanted usable tools. Tools with A Mission (TWAM) refurbishes the tools, sorts them into trade tool kits and sends them to the developing world for livelihood creation. Their work is crucial in offering a way out of poverty for those who cannot afford to buy their own tools and have limited access to education or career opportunities.

The tools needed are varied including agricultural tools, horticultural tools, carpentry tools,  builders tools, electricians tools,  motor mechanics tools, plumbers tools, garage workshops tools, power tools sewing machines, knitting machines, haberdashery, fully working IT equipment and modern English Bibles. Please can you bring any unwanted usable tools to the Vergers.

The following is a list of acceptable tools that are wanted by the TWAM:

Agricultural tools: fork, spade, hoe, garden rake, hand fork and trowel, lopper, secateurs and hand shears.

Builders’ tools: spade, shovel, 3ft spirit level, axe, crowbar, fork, sledgehammer, bow saw, bolsters, chisels, all types of hammers and trowels, pin and lines, tape measures, hacksaws and Stanley and hacksaw blades

Carpenters’ tools: bevel, braces, clamps, hand drills and bits, all types of files and hammers, Stanley knife, all types of planes and saws, pliers, rules, all types of saws and screwdrivers, squares plus screws, nails and bolts

Electricians’ tools: allen keys, hand drills and bits, all types of pliers and hacksaws, screwdrivers, spanners, soldering iron, voltmeter

Motor mechanics’ tools: allen keys, cold chisels, breast drill and bits, all types of hammers and pliers, punches, metric socket sets, spanners, adjustable spanners, cantilever toolboxes, tyre pressure gauge

Plumbers’ tools: basin or tap wrench, wire brush, breast drill and bits, various grips and saws, screwdriver, oil can etc

Garage workshop: hydraulic jack, axle stands, battery charger, ramps and large engineer’s vice

Power tools: hand and bench drills, sander, planer, jigsaw, circular, band and chop saws, lathe, cultivator, rotavator, welding machine and generator

Sewing machines: manual, electric, treadle and industrial

Knitting machines: machine and hand wool, needles and patterns

Haberdashery: needles, cottons, large material pieces/rolls, buttons, zips, tapes

Fully working IT equipment: desktop computers and laptops running a minimum of Microsoft Windows 7, modern flatscreen monitors, tablets

Bibles in modern English

If you would like any further details about TWAM their website is as follows:-

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